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Patination Finishes Available

There are aesthetic as well as practical reasons why not all our bronzes are suited to all the patination finishes mentioned here.

Where patination choices include 'SP' or 'Special', the detail should be in the description for that item.

Mirror Polish (Order Ref MP)Mirror Polish (Order Ref MP) • the bronze is not treated in any way, it is simply highly polished.

Classic Brown (Order Ref CB)Classic Brown (Order Ref CB) • each Dinsdale Petch bronze is individually hand coloured to a deep dark brown. The colour shown here will vary due to a number of factors making it truly unique and adding to its charm and value. The patination develops beautifully with age and handling.

French Brown (Order Ref FB)French Brown (Order Ref FB) • individually coloured as above allowing more of the raw bronze colour to shine through with highlights thereby creating a paler autumnal brown.

Old World Green (Order Ref OG)Old World Green (Order Ref OG) • a traditional patination which recreates the effect of weathering of the bronze - also known as verdigris (green-grey).

Bright Red (Order Ref BR)Bright Red (Order Ref BR) • patinated with a rich red finish.

Bright Blue (Order Ref BB)Bright Blue (Order Ref BB) • patinated with a rich blue finish.

Bright Green (Order Ref BG)Bright Green (Order Ref BG) • patinated with a rich green finish.

Dinsdale Petch - Pouring the bronze